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The selection of works featured in the catalog is at the discretion of the Library. To be considered for selection, works should meet the following criteria:

The Library retains discretion to feature works on the site that do not meet the above criteria.

You may nominate your own work or any others. Submit a nomination via the form below (if the form does not load, view it online). For questions or more information, email

Books created outside of Pressbooks

The Library supports numerous publishing software and platforms to help researchers bring their digital scholarship to life. PressbooksEDU is a terrific and critical addition to this suite of offerings.

Because of this site’s architecture, only books created with Pressbooks can be featured in the catalog here. However, we are working to develop a platform-agnostic catalog to feature all UC Berkeley open books created on any platforms in use across campus.

In the meantime, if you published an open book using a different platform that you wish to be featured, let us know via the form below (if the form does not load, view it online). We will add it to the new catalog we are working to build.