Making Your Book

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Copy-Paste Method

We recommend that you first prepare your book using word processing software and then transfer the contents to Pressbooks. Copy-pasting text is the most straightforward and reliable way to import content into your book. Always double-check the formatting after you paste so that you can catch any styling inconsistencies.

Microsoft Word Import

Alternatively, you can experiment with importing content via an uploaded Word file (Tools > Import > Microsoft Word). This requires that you go chapter-by-chapter and that you prepare each file with structured styling, i.e., by applying headers. Consequently, this approach can be labor-intensive and prone to technical difficulties.

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Read about how to prepare a Word file for import.

Other Methods

  • Import EPUB files: If you previously created a book with another publishing platform, you can import the EPUB files into Pressbooks (Tools > Import > EPUB). Create the new book first, and then start the import.
  • Clone another Pressbooks book: If you created a book on the site (as opposed to the UC Berkeley Pressbooks site), or if you find another Pressbooks book that you wish to adapt, you can clone the files as long as the book is publicly available and licensed under a Creative Commons license that allows derivatives.

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Read about cloning.


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