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The UC Berkeley Open Books catalog features campus works of broad interest to the Berkeley community. The selection of featured works on the site is made at the Library’s discretion.

In order for a book to be featured on the site and be eligible for publishing-related services, it should be openly licensed, allow for derivative works, and be intended for use in the classroom. The Library retains discretion to feature works that do not meet these criteria. Authors whose works are selected will be notified prior to the work being added to the catalog.

Use this form to nominate a book to be featured in the catalog or to request removal of a featured book

At present, only books created with Pressbooks can be featured in the catalog. The Office of Scholarly Communication Services is developing a platform-agnostic catalog to feature all UC Berkeley open books, irrespective of the publishing tools with which they were created. If you published or know of a noteworthy open book created on a platform other than Pressbooks, please submit this form for the work to be considered for inclusion in the future catalog.


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