50 This Is NOT The End

You’ve made it to the end of the book, but it is the beginning of the rest of your life as a MASTER ORGANIZER! Just think of how much you’ve learned:

    • You know how to analyze any organizing problem and by answering the WHAT, WHY, and HOW questions you can design an organizing system for it.


    • You know how to “think like an architect” and design the organizing system first, and then you build it.


    • You know how to design different kinds of categories that use resource properties in ways that fit best with what you’re organizing.


    • You know that the organizing systems for different types of things — physical objects, animals, people, libraries, documents on the web — follow predictable patterns that you can use and reuse.


    • You know how to apply all these ideas to organizing your time in a schedule so you get things done and be on time.


    • You know about the “Santa Question” in organizing — that you can think of something as being unique, or as being a member of a bigger category.


    • You know about scope and scale — Cattle Ranches vs. Zoos — and can use this contrast to make some organizing problems easier by treating many types of things as one kind of thing (using the “Santa Claus” lesson).


  • You learned that you can use the “automatic organizing” of our visual systems to design an organizing system, but you know to be careful because sometimes your eyes can trick you with camouflage and illusions.

When you started reading this book, you might not have had very good organizing skills, so your bedroom might have looked like the messy one in the first chapter:

But now that you are a master organizer, your bedroom might look like this one.  The kid whose room was the messy one also read this book!

So making it to the end of the book is just the beginning. Your new organizing skills will help you do better in school, get in less trouble with your parents at home, and have more fun and satisfaction in everything you do. Being a master organizer means you have control of your life and time in ways that you didn’t before. Enjoy it!


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